As indulgences go, chocolate has got to be in our top five. Creamy and sweet white chocolate, rich and bitter dark chocolate; we’ll have it all! At our most gluttonous the idea of Willy Wonka’s chocolate river seems sublime but of course all good things must be enjoyed in moderation – quality over quantity – which is why we are lucky to have so many quality producers here in Scotland.


Adding to our thriving food landscape is an eclectic array of chocolatiers and chocolate makers whose hidden delights are showcased through a wonderful collection of shops, cafes and workshops around the country.


Working to create fabulously innovative and indulgent produce, Scottish producers go to great lengths to carefully source the best quality ingredients – with some even making their chocolate straight from the bean! Scotland now boasts of over 70 chocolate producers from around the country, from the highlands and islands to the Scottish borders.


Now in its second year of business, Hello Chocolate! in Dunfermline focuses on offering a unique taste and character in each of its luxury handcrafted chocolates. Taking inspiration from the stunning Scottish scenery and surrounding, flavours range from Haggis to Sticky Toffee Pudding and bestselling JFK Strawberry Daiquiri. Great care and skill ensures that each bespoke flavour is balanced to perfection, with excellent quality being of the utmost importance.


Based in Edinburgh, The Chocolate Tree is passionate about crafting authentic fine flavours from raw premium ingredients in its ‘bean-to-bar’ process. Operating as both a workshop and a café, tasting classes give an insight into the zealous attention to detail involved in carefully roasting and perfectly aging its specialty chocolate. Using the finest ingredients from around Scotland, soft fruit and grass fed organic dairy help to create its delectable selection, which include tastes for the more adventurous – from Rum and Jelly to Venison, and even Marmite.


Priding itself on its innovative superfood bars, iQ Chocolate has introduced its produce to many health food stores and artisan eateries from its base in Stirling. Ethically-sourced and organically-grown, its ingenious craft caters to chocolate-boffins and the health-conscious alike with a range of tasty flavours full of antioxidants. Each bar has its own distinctive flavour and personality, including everything from Espresso-Kick Coffee to Orange with Wild Raspberry. The most recent addition to the brand is AngeliQ, flavoured with festive orange and cranberry, launched just in time for Christmas.


Raw, customised, luxurious and even healthy – Scotland’s chocolate offering is one to be envied. From truffles to creams, ganache and bars, artisan chocolate provides a trail of discovery to connoisseurs, an indulgent treat to consumers and stands as a holiday memento now as credible as shortbread and tablet.


To learn more about Scotland’s chocolatiers why not visit our TV hub at and if you fancy embarking on a chocolate trail of your own take a look at The List’s Chocolate Larder, a comprehensive food map detailing the array of sweet treats to be found across the country.