The idea behind the chats is to provide a regular meet up between foodies, food producers, chefs, restaurants, cafés and anyone with an interest in promoting or consuming Scottish Food and Drink.

Joining in the chat provides you with new ideas, allows you to meet new people who share your interests, and to discover more about our abundant Scottish larder.

The ScotFood Twitter Chats were established in June 2013 by Susan McNaughton in her role as social media manager for the Crail Food Festival, and in consultation with Christopher Trotter, Fife’s Food Ambassador.

Preparation for joining in the next TweetChat

  • A day or two before, check Tweets from next hosts for details of the chat (calendar and hosts)
  • Think about how you’re going to answer questions and prepare Tweets ahead of time
  • Search out photographs or your own blog posts to help illustrate your answers
  • Find links to the people or businesses you’d like to mention
  • Be there on the night and join in the conversation
  • Remember to include the tag #ScotFood in all your Tweets, otherwise your Tweets won’t be seen (it’s easy to forget in the excitement and speed of the chat!)
  • When joining the chat, start your Tweet with A1 to answer Q1, A2 to answer Q2 etc. Then your answers will be able to be gathered together with other ideas later.
  • You might like to use a tool like to help you join in the chat – it automatically adds the #tag to your Tweet, and allows you to reply, re-Tweet or favourite Tweets within the application. Or set up a column within Hootsuite or TweetDeck to search for others who are Tweeting with the #ScotFood tag.

Things to do after a TweetChat

  • Follow others who have joined in
  • Write up a post for your business’s blog about what happened or what you learned. Does this lead to an action plan for your business?
  • Use Storify to gather Tweets that were relevant to you, or which amused or informed
  • Add participants to a Twitter list (do have a favourite tool for this?) and keep in touch
  • Respond to Tweets to continue the conversation
  • Diarise the next TweetChat – take a note of who’s hosting and which accounts to look out for in preparation

If you’ve joined in the ScotFood chat, we’d love to hear from you if there are any more ideas you have for the chat, or if there are any tips you’d like to share with others – contact me by email.