Tell us a bit about how you got into food?

For me, food was always a serious family affair. It was the prime focus at home and our next meal would be discussed at the end of each meal before even thinking about clearing the table.

I loved being brought up surrounded by a family that felt truly passionate about food. Back then it wasn’t a fashion or a trend; instead, it was a passion for the extraordinary flavours and tastes that food produced.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Before anything else make sure you respect each ingredient you’re cooking with. The quality of the product comes before anything else.


Why is Scottish produce so important to you?

It is extremely important to source and buy local before going further afield. Living in Scotland we’re very fortunate to be surrounded by an abundance of people, producers and companies that have a huge amount of passion for the provenance of food and drink. This passion felt throughout the country helps to create the perfect larder to serve in our restaurants.


Have you discovered any interesting and innovative products lately?

Without a doubt Snails from Isle of Barra have to be one of them as well as Wagyu Beef that’s been reared in Perthshire, PDO Beef from Orkney, North Ronaldsay Mutton and Shetland Lamb.

New developments are happening all the time, which hopefully means there are plenty more Scottish delicacies to discover.


If you were abandoned on a desert island and could only take one Scottish product, what would it be and why?

Hopefully it would be a Scottish island then I’d take a fishing rod with me so I could live off the brilliant fruits of the Scottish sea.


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