Tell us a bit about how you got into food?

I started cooking at a young age, inspired by my father William Maule. As Chairman of the Salon Culinaire and Chairman of the Cookery and Food Association and Craft Guild of Chefs I was lucky enough to travel a great deal and eat in many fine hotels and restaurants throughout Europe.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

‘Preparation and Presentation are 9/10ths of the dish’ – this came from my father and ‘Remember you are cooking for your customers, not your ego’ – Michel Roux Jnr.


Why is Scottish produce so important to you?

I think we have the best seafood, game and meat in the world and as a chef I feel we should shout about this. We also have many producers making some really fabulous products like whisky, cheese and rapeseed oil. I try to use as much of it as possible and it’s great to see that our customers have an appreciation for our natural larder, one that has been enjoyed for years by mainland Europe and the rest of the world.


Have you discovered any interesting and innovative products lately?

We are just about to purchase some Prakti wood burning/charcoal stoves. An amazing way to grill food very quickly while retaining all its flavour. They also look great. I am excited about a future product that Wild Fig are bringing to market, a ‘Dark and Stormy’ Marmalade using Dark Matter Spiced Rum, Scotland’s first and only Rum distillery.


If you were abandoned on a desert island and could only take one Scottish product, what would it be and why?

If it’s only one Scottish product it would have to be a single malt whisky, preferably a Glengoyne 25 year old – once its finished I could send a message in a bottle for help!




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Cranachan Panna Cotta, Honey and Oatmeal Cream and Glengoyne 15 year old Syrup

Serves 4


10g oats
80g raspberries
150ml milk
50g caster sugar
20g honey
20ml Glengoyne 15 year old
3 leaves of gelatine
250ml cream

Whisky syrup
10g caster sugar
20ml water
20ml Glengoyne 15 year old

Honey cream
50ml cream
5g toasted oats
5g honey



Toast the oats in a dry pan till fragrant.
Add mashed raspberries to the milk and sugar and heat till it is coming to the boil.
Add oats, honey and 20ml of the whisky.
Add gelatine leaves that have been softened in water for 5 minutes and stir to incorporate mix.
Add the cream and chill the mix for 5 minutes.
Stir and pour into greased dariole moulds, chill in fridge till required, minimum 2 hours.

To make the syrup
Add all the ingredients to a pan and boil until syrupy consistency.

To make the honey cream
Whisky all the ingredients together until stiff.

To serve
Turn panna cotta out onto serving plate, add a quenelle of honey cream, drizzle with Glengoyne whisky syrup, sprinkle with more toasted oatmeal and finish with fresh raspberries.