The 12th edition of Scotland the Best, Pete Irvine’s award-winning travel guide, was published on the 14th of April by Collins. Last published in 2011, Scotland the Best returns fully revised and updated, giving Pete’s personal recommendations on what to see and do in Scotland, no matter what your budget.

Scotland the Best celebrates the finest visitor experiences that Scotland has to offer, from the simple to the splendid, the scenic to the sumptuous, all selected and appraised by one of the country’s leading cultural figures. Whether you are looking for great wild camping spots, the best scotch bakers, where to buy good Scottish woollies, the most interesting graveyards, or bloody good pubs – Scotland the Best will keep you right.

First published in 1993, Scotland the Best has been described as ‘a gospel, a love poem to Scotland’ by The Observer and ‘infallible and quite brilliant’ by the Daily Telegraph. Selling more than 300,000 copies since its initial release, Pete’s journalistic writing style and honest opinions continue to prove popular with visitors and Scottish locals alike.

Pete Irvine said: “It’s been a while and jings, it takes a while, but I have been up and down these lands again. From my point of view, from the car, the restaurant table and the hilltop, Scotland is looking better than ever. I hope that this is evident from the 2000+ entries – the shortlist from a hugely expanding long-list – in a book which, try as I might to be concise, just gets bigger. ‘Scotland the Best’ is intended to be useful: to all the creative and entrepreneurial and talented people whose work and vision are recognised in it its pages, for Scots rediscovering their country and all the folk who, in a world of ever growing expectation, come here to experience Scotland and us and what we do so very well.”

Hotels, bars, restaurants and visitor attractions that Pete has recommended as amongst the best (of its type) in the UK or amongst the best (of its type) in the world, will be sent a Scotland the Best Highly Recommended badge to celebrate their inclusion in the guide.

An app is also in development to accompany this edition of Scotland the Best, due for release in summer 2016.

Scotland the Best is published by Collins and is priced at £15.99.