Join us for #scotfood – a monthly chat on twitter and hosted by @Eat_Scottish. We cover a wide range of food and drink related subjects including recipe ideas, food and drink events, encouraging new entrants to the industry, products and producers!

This month’s chat will take place on Monday 5th February and will take on the theme of food and drink innovations. Make sure you’re following @Eat_Scottish for the questions throughout the hour.

The next #scotfood chat: 5th February, 9pm on twitter

9pm Q1 Introduce yourself, include the first part of your postcode and your reason for joining #scotfood tonight
9.10pm Q2 Tonight we’re talking innovation! Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. What has been your best new food or drink discovery in the last couple of years?
9.20pm Q3 Who do you think is doing exciting things in the food and drink industry? Anybody you’re keeping a close eye on to see what they do next?!
9.30pm Q4 It’s easy (and fun!) to get innovative with recipes in the kitchen. Can you share with us your favourite recipe with a unique twist?
9.40pm Q5 In the last couple of years we’ve seen innovation from every corner of the food and drink industry. How important do you think it is to stay ahead of the trends?
9.50pm Q6 What do you think will be the next exciting innovation to come out of the Scottish food and drink industry?
10pm Thanks for all your tweets this evening! We love to hear about what you have been up to so keeping tweeting using #scotfood. The next chat will be on Monday 5th March. Hope to see you then!

Remember to answer the questions using A1 to answer Q1 and so on and also include the #ScotFood tag, please also include pictures if relevant.

How do I get involved?

Simply tag your tweets with the hashtag #scotfood and check either or @Eat_Scottish’s twitter profile for this month’s subject area and questions.