We are excited that on 2nd July #scotfood will focus on education and young people as part of the Year of Young People 2018. We will be joined on @Eat_Scottish twitter channel by Vivian Maeda, Food for Thought – Programme Manager from Business in The Community Scotland and @blippingbird on twitter.

The next #scotfood chat – 2nd July 2018, 9pm on twitter – questions are:

9pm Q1 Introduce yourself, your location and your reason for joining #scotfood tonight #scotfoodedu
9.10pm Q2 2018 is the Year of Young People, please share what you have been doing to inspire and attract talented young people to the industry. #scotfood #scotfoodedu
9.20pm Q3 Tell us the name and share a picture of a young person working for you and let us know where this young person’s talents lie. #scotfood #scotfoodedu
9.30pm Q4 #Foodeducation can help create a healthier nation, and it should start at young age, at home, in the community and in schools. How do you think we can support that? #scotfood #scotfoodedu
9.40pm Q5 If you could give your own award to any local company for supporting young people, who would it be and why? #scotfood #scotfoodedu
9.50pm Q6 What is your favourite recipe for a healthier nation? #goodfoodnation #scotfood #scotfoodedu
10pm Thanks for all your tweets this evening! Remember to tweet using #scotfood and #scotfoodedu

Remember to answer the questions using A1 to answer Q1 and so on and also include the #ScotFood tag, please also include pictures if relevant.

What is #scotfood?

#Scotfood is a monthly chat on twitter and is hosted by @Eat_Scottish. We cover a wide range of food and drink related subjects including recipe ideas, food and drink events, encouraging new entrants to the industry, products and producers!

When is #scotfood?

#Scotfood takes place on the first Monday of the month, 9pm – 10pm GMT on twitter, follow @Eat_Scottish for the questions throughout the hour. We are joined by Vivian @blippingbird as co-host for this chat.

How do I get involved?

Simply tag your tweets with the hashtag #scotfood and check either www.eat-scottish.co.uk/category/scotfood or @Eat_Scottish’s twitter profile for this month’s subject area and questions.