Two Glasgow born businesses, Dear Green Coffee Roasters and Clever Kombucha have collaborated to create a Coffee Kombucha. The drink will be launched this Saturday the 13th of October at Glasgow’s Mindful Drinking Festival at The Briggait.

Kombucha is a naturally sparkling fermented drink, packed with vitamins and probiotics. Usually kombucha is brewed using tea, however the founder of Clever

Kombucha, Kelsey Moore approached Dear Green Coffee Roasters to see if they could create a coffee kombucha and combine the two brews.

Kelsey Moore, founder of Clever Kombucha says:

“We are big fans of Dear Green and we love what they do. We spent a short time producing our kombucha footsteps away from their roastery when we started out at The Glasgow Collective. We were fascinated to delve into the world of speciality coffee and pick a variety that works so well with our kombucha. After much experimentation we found a winner. Who knew coffee and tea would work so well together?!”

Lisa Lawson, founder of Dear Green Coffee Roasters says: “It’s a pleasure to collaborate with a company who are as passionate about their product as we are! We’ve learned a lot from each other in the process of working together and produced a beverage which we are both excited about.”

The launch of Coffee Kombucha will be at Glasgow’s Mindful Drinking Festival this Saturday at The Briggait. The Mindful Drinking Festival is a free event which will showcase drinks businesses from around the world with the view to “creating a world where nobody has to feel out of place if they are not drinking alcohol.” The festival “will give you a chance to taste the new wave of alcohol-free drinks now available, including alcohol-free beers, spirits, and a host of drinks invented by radical alchemists – kombuchas, shrubs and elixirs.”

Coffee Kombucha will be available to taste and purchase at Mindful Drinking Festival and this new flavour will also be on tap at the Liquid Academy bar at the event. Clever Kombucha will be selling the drink through their distributors afterwards. Some outlets where Clever Kombucha is currently available are Cafe Strange Brew in Shawlands, Roots, Fruits & Flowers, as well as Foodstory in Aberdeen.

A true meeting of the minds from two Glasgow start up businesses.